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Welcome to Mango's Cafe:
Flavorful Peruvian Cuisine, Taste the Difference!


All small businesses start out as a small idea that will hopefully grow to become not just a business within the community but become part of the community. We are a family owned business that just wanted to integrate and also fulfill a missing need in our community.


Maria & Ricardo Otake, the owners of Mango’s Café, have been dreaming of becoming an owner of their own business their whole life. With a community that has several pizzerias, Chinese food, Mexican food, and other fast food places, a South American restaurant was needed so that the diversity in our community can continue to expand and grow.


Mango’s Café is a Peruvian restaurant that also offers American food, so that it can attract people of all tastes. Maria & Ricardo’s vision is to provide a family oriented environment in which everyone can feel comfortable and feel at home. Maria & Ricardo has kept this feeling by providing friendly service and trying to accommodate everyone’s needs.


We Accept: